Bethanie Hines is a self-taught portrait photographer based in Oakland, California. She is the official photographer for the annual Life is Living Festival, curator and sole artist of the Intimacy with Strangers exhibit (Impact Hub: Oakland,CA), and contributing artist in the Wearing Spirit exhibit (Caribbean Cultural Center African Diaspora Institute, NY). She has captured some of the Bay Area’s leading artists, change-makers and culture keepers, and has been featured in magazines across the country and Latin America. A committed yogi, Hines is also a devoted wife and proud mother of three children who drive her to find joy in both the exceptional and the ordinary. 

Artist Statement:
I believe in the divinely innate perfection of who we are and who we aspire to become. My goal is to inspire every client to embrace the beauty within each of their layers. Perhaps it’s a layer they’ve forgotten, worked earnestly to manifest, or one they didn’t even know they possessed.

My mission is to use photography as a rite of passage; a creative, joy-filled, and mindful return to the powerful spirit residing within. Together, we embark on a process which celebrates the unique tapestry within, and welcomes the unfiltered light of simply being.

I invite you to be seen.